In Praise of Love…for Valentine’s Day

Considering You

by Amirh

Look here. I’m reading. Wondering.

Unraveling cotton, denim, from you. Your body,

I know, must be a queen’s banquet. A sprawl

Of maroon tastes & aromas,

Violet  textures & terrains.

Is it?

Tart, like Japanese plums? I ask.

They’re the color of pumpernickel, yes?

Tell me.

The Word

by Amirh

Be still for a moment

I am weaving a poem

from the silver in your hair

to be read in whispers

between windy nights of June

between purple dawns of November.

On the other hand

I could cast a poem of coral and turquoise

to be shouted

above the rebellion of rumbling waves

or the rattling bones of Cherokee chiefs

The air is restless and the bumblebees

have forsaken their flight

waiting for the first word to be.

In the beginning was the word of love.

In the end, only this word will endure. Continue reading