The Lovers

Who does she think she is? Who does she think he is? He’s posted at the window, waiting, watching, listening.

At her invitation, he’d moved in 5 glorious years ago, but even before the move, it had been mutual love at first sight. She had given him nicknames: Mr. Moon beam, Pootie-Poot, but the best one was My Significant Other.

This is the second weekend this month that she has not come home. Three weeks ago, she’d brought a foreign smell with her, like sweet rotting flowers and sweat. That night, he’d left 3 disgusting puddles of mucosa and undigested food and waited for her to make her way, feet bare, for her morning pee. Oh, sweet revenge!

This cheating. He won’t stand for it. But he has a plan. He will fix her and fix her good.

What is that?

His right ear moves like a satellite dish. She’s at the end of the block. Time to get into position. He leaves the window and lies on his side on the bed. Tail and paws straight out. Tip of tongue lolling sideways on the comforter. Weeks of practice, with a best time of 1.5 minutes. He can barely wait.

Footsteps. Key in lock. He inhales and traps his breath deep inside.

“Hi, Pumpkin! How’s my Pootie-Poot. Did you miss me, Mister Moonbeam?” she calls in passing.

How much time does he have left anyway? 30 seconds? Okay, then he will have to set a new time for himself.

“Sweet cakes?” A bit of anxiety now. He’s loving it. Now she’s shaking the bed. “Are…you…okay?”

A beat.

“Why aren’t you moving? OMG! Oh no!”

The thud is her knees hitting the floor. He winces for her, but, oh, this is good. Payback’s a beautiful thing, though he’s starting to feel a dizzy, unfocused, light-headed and light-bodied, unanchored, really.

Rising…rising. Where is he? Drifting higher, he sees what looks like a far-off bridge. And a rainbow. Rainbow Bridge! What the…? Was he…? Had he…? Damn it. What an idiot he was!

He looks down in time to see her swoop his magnificent by limp body into her arms. Jet black and whiskers brighter than moonbeams. Damn, he wasn’t even finished with that body yet.

She places him gently on the bed, crying, stroking him, and now wailing. “Why? Why?”

Okay, enough, he thinks as he tries to get back by breast-stroking in space, in place. But there is no getting back, is there? It’s over. He has fucked up.

Now something pierce his heart. His spirit heart, that is. It’s warm and nearly tickles. His attention turns back, or down, to her and his former self. A shimmering violet light that connects their two hearts. It’s growing brighter, pulsating, and before he can think another thought…

Ugh! Umph!

He’s back. Yes! Watching her watch his beautiful whiskers quiver. She scoops him up again and presses him against her neck.

“You bad, bad boy. You were just messing with my head, weren’t you.” She’s nearly smothering him with hugs and kisses, and he has to admit that he’s relieved that he’s caused her such grief. That’ll teach her. He gives her a feeble, trembling meow. “But don’t you ever…”

Before she gets out “do that again” he reaches up and gives her an unsheathed swipe across the cheek. Shut your mouth and get me a treat, he thinks, as he cleans her dried tears from his claws.
Oh how the heart forgets!

If You Love Animals or Are Reiki-Curious

One of the hands position in Reiki practice.

Check out my new Facebook Community Page: All Creatures Large and Small: Animal Reiki. Here’s the link:

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Reiki Practice: First Self, Then Others

This time last year, I was really savoring the day that I could take Reiki 1 training. I downloaded a book to my e-reader, Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, by Pamela Miles, and the more I read the more excited I became.

Reiki hands onMy first experience with Reiki was approximately two years ago when I had two sessions with a friend. During the first session, I felt total relaxation, and when I went to a mirror afterwards, we marveled at how my face had changed. I still looked like me, but a more relaxed me, with facial muscles that were at ease. During my second Reiki session, I had a deeply touching experience. I experienced myself as being presented to the world for the first time, in the same way that a newborn is cradled and presented to its parents immediately after birth. I felt my newborn infant self; I felt myself loving the child and feeling very compassionate toward her. I have yet to find the words to fully describe the sensation, but my next thought was Wow! Animals in shelters would love this!

I vowed then to learn Reiki practice in order to relieve some of the suffering of our animal brothers and sisters (and to relieve some of my own feelings of powerlessness regarding their suffering). In other words, my uninitiated approach would be first others, then myself.

One of the hands position in Reiki practice.

One of the hands position in Reiki practice.

Tomorrow will mark the second month of my Reiki 1 initiation, and it is three of the best evenings I’ve given myself. Pamela Miles, the Reiki master who initiated us, stresses Reiki self-practice — daily hands-on self-treatment.. I’ve had unexpected results from daily practice, which I’ve blogged about on Pamela Miles’s blog (click here to read). I’m looking forward to deepening my relationship with Reiki as time goes on.

Pamela also runs a monthly clinic where practitioners gather to offer Reiki to the public as well as each other. I’ve participated in two so far, and have found it gratifying to offer Reiki practice to people in a way that I had not expected to. It’s such a great way to have the support of a community.

What Is Reiki? Briefly, Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes stress reduction and relaxation through balancing. Through light, hands-on application, Reiki practice, safe and non-invasive, treats the whole person. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Later this month and next month I will be taking an Animal Reiki 1 workshop taught by Liz Wassell, a teacher for the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). Can’t wait for that. And by the way, Pushkin, my cat, loves Reiki, and asks for it daily by head-butting my hands (click on the link below to read his experience below).

Dogs Bring Comfort to Connecticut

The specially trained retrievers arrived with cuddles and licks and just plain calm. Comfort dogs, better known as therapy dogs, on loan from as far away as Chicago via the Lutheran Church Charities. They even teased out smiles amidst the tragedy from children and adults alike.

Comfort Dogs 6Confort Dogs 1Confort Dogs 2Stroking … can enhance memory, shorten recovery time after an injury, help curb depression, open lines of communication… Continue reading

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Splash of Yellow Things Living and Not

My very first blog post on WordPress was about a slug, a Banana Slug link,

and I wondered: What else in nature is yellow?

When I was small I developed a mild fear of sunflowers as I walked through a field of them. They looked as if they were capable of bending down and swooping me up, and I imagined I would never been seen again. That was then, oh so many years ago. Now, however,

they are gorgeous, especially up close, hypnotic spirals.

It is said that yellow stimulates our mental processes, encourages communication, stimulates our nervous system and activates our memories. Manipura, Sanskrit for “city of jewels,” is the name of our solar plexus chakra, and it is represented by yellow.  When this chakra is open, it empowers us to find our personal strength. It will help turn dreams and goals into reality. For the Aztecs, yellow symbolized food because it was the color of corn, the primary food of the Aztec people.

Continue reading

Zora the Beautiful

Her soulful look

She was half-feline, half-spirit, and on June 25, 2012, a Monday, she left her body behind and entered the realm of pure spirit. She answered to Zozo, Zorita, and Pretty Face. Near the end I thought of her as Zora the Beautiful. And she was. Even at sixteen, I thought she looked half her age. Continue reading

Precious: Her Earthly Biography

On Monday afternoon, December 1, 2009, a year to the day that we moved into our current apartment, my sweet, beautiful little cat, Precious, shook off her transient identity, as we Buddhists say, left her useless body behind, and merged with the universe. Once again. On Halloween she was diagnosed with a tumor growing in her chest cavity and obscured views of her heart on the X-rays. I had not expected such news, though I knew something accounted for the subtle change in her breathing that I detected. She was a modest, uncomplaining little creature, but believe me, she wouldn’t mind one bit that I write a cyberspace memorial to her. Memorial, right, because she would not warm to the word obituary. Continue reading

The 2012 Kentucky Derby

Saturday is the running of this year’s Kentucky Derby, so I offer a prayer that all the horses and jockeys will cross the finish line unharmed.

The equine contenders are Daddy Long Legs, Optimizer, Take Charge Indy, Union Rags, Dullahan, Bodemeister, Rousing Sermon, Creative Cause, Trinniberg, Daddy Nose Best, Alpha, Prospective, Went the Day Well, Hansen, Gemologist, El Padrino, Done Talking, Sabercat, I’ll Have Another and Liaison.

My first race was at Belmont Park, and near the end of that race a horse broke down on the track. It was a terrifying thing to witness, and I was unsettled for months. Here’s an excerpt of a novel I’m working on, WhistleSof’WhenYaFall,  inspired by that day: Continue reading