Dear Fellow Creatives:

As you may know, I am a writer in Brooklyn and have been a member of Artist Conference Network (ACN) since 2009. Believe me, I would never do anything that long if it didn’t work — extraordinarily!

ACN coaching continues to deepen my relationship with my work, resulting in an enriching and constantly renewed creative process. It has empowered how I speak about my work and how others receive my work.

The best part is that ACN coaching always holds the artist as the authority in her/his work. Never does the coaching meddle in or critique the artist or the work. We do not try to fix or improve one another. Continue reading

Artist Conference Network – ACN

September is here, and with it comes a new 3-month goal period for the New York Brooklyn members of ACN (provide web site link). Our current members are Karen Friedland, Brenda Becker, Annette Whitehead , Mary Pat Kane and Sarah Lilly. We are writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, storytellers, photographers, book makers, sailors and healers.
I have a brand new coaching partner (Sarah) and some exciting goals that I expect will propel me to great productivity and transformation and participation in a deeply creative process.

My 12-month goals are to

Publish an online literary magazine
Publish the mom essay
Offer Reiki to rescued and shelter animals

My 3-month goals are to

Compose 3 new poems
Take a Reiki I workshop
Write the piece re my mother and her love affair
Publish a blog post on the average of every other week on “I Dwell in the Spaces Between Words and Images” = 13 posts (this is my first for the goal period)
Publish a blog post on the average of every other week on “All Creatures Large and Small” = 13 posts (#1 for the goal period)
Join (accomplished)
Join a blog ring and a bloggers’ blog (both accomplished).

In the language of ACN, I acknowledge myself for making my goals public. Stay tuned.