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Weekly Writing Challenge: The Re-Meeting

Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Take Two
Your challenge this week is to write a post based on this picture: We see lots of possibilities in this photo:

Who are these people? What’s their relationship? Where are they? Are they saying hello or goodbye? Or something else altogether? Are they just clinging to one another to keep from sliding down the steep cobblestones? Who’s coming/going, and why? Where are they coming from/going to? Are the people behind them waiting for them? Are they happy for the couple, or irritated?

writing challenge

Your light is day

Dispersed upon waters of this world,

Of moon’s mourning face

Photographed upon decals

Of ice, thawing . . .

Freezing . . .

Thawing . . .

You, revealed everywhere:

Above the radiator’s row

Womanlips intoned a SutraSong,

Then recitations – your name.


Reticent, silent,

Stunned, hardened;

Ignited, uncoiled,

Ascended. And incense

Was cologne you shun

(along your neck, running

the ridges of your lobes,

bitter on my tongue),

blistered offering that drew me up.

You, my love, have alchemized air.

My breath is long and deep.

My breath is long and deep again.

Dignity of your name

Pulled me. Syllables

Of this world and of your flesh?

No. Name of timeless time,

Cadence of your constancy.

You, me,

Coupling . . .

Interrupted . . .

Parting . . .

So on . . .

At this hour, lapis, carnelian

And heat of two marriage rings,

Estranged and sequestered from us

Inside the museum’s white light

Beside bones of our babies.

We have despaired of and rejoiced

In philosophies of Earth and beyond

Donning and discarding genders,

And pigments, nations and planets,

Lofty lives and low.

Interrupted by cataclysms

When nature said no;

Stopped by skirmishes because men

Forgot the origin of their goodness;

Accosted by kingdoms

When our castes crossed;


Split by plow

In our herringbone fields;

Cascaded from heights in the

Shadows of mountain gods;

Suspended from the acacia

Flourishing from ancestral ashes;

Corrupted by elixirs

When magic went mad and malignant.

Do you remember?

We have arrived here before,

At this ravine,

At the almost.

Circumscribed by the band

Of another, you have forgotten.

For me it is worse than staring

Into the sun. Weighted

With memory, yet my fingers

Are light. Empty.

How to cleave confines

Of a heart’s recall.

This time I will reach for

Completion of the old.


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