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Dogs Bring Comfort to Connecticut

The specially trained retrievers arrived with cuddles and licks and just plain calm. Comfort dogs, better known as therapy dogs, on loan from as far away as Chicago via the Lutheran Church Charities. They even teased out smiles amidst the tragedy from children and adults alike.

Comfort Dogs 6Confort Dogs 1Confort Dogs 2Stroking … can enhance memory, shorten recovery time after an injury, help curb depression, open lines of communication…

Comfort Dogs 4A dog gives unconditional love and attention.

Comfort Dogs 5A dog is someone the child can talk to about fears and anger.

Comfort Dogs 7A dog is a retreat from conflict and loneliness

Comfort Dogs 8and relief from anxiety and depression.

Comfort Dogs 9Confort Dogs 3Canine comfort for adults, as well.

To learn more about the Lutheran Church Charities’s K-9 Comfort Dogs program, click here.

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